Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Mehndi (Henna)


This is my mehndi (henna). I like my henna. It is also called mehndi. I always like mehndi when it is on my hand. This is my favourite thing too and what do you know about this. If you know or you do not know. If you know then it is fine else let me tell you. OK.

This is mehndi. We put this mehndi when there is festival and sometime we put this when it is Diwali (festival of light) and it always look nice. And do you know that I sometime can draw some mehndi patterns and I like making patterns and making designs, making drawings and this is my favourite job. I do this with all my own brain, with this big surprising thing, you have to be creative from now because it was just for telling you how to make things. Tags: ,,,kidsken

My Drawings

This is drawing which I drew and gifted to my mamma.

The drawing is collections of different images which are:

1. Harshi and mum going to her friend’s house. We have  toy to gift to my friend.

2. Harshi’s friend climbing on a rocky mountain.

3. Harshi and Papa playing football.

4. Two twins and their shadows in the night and in the sky what they are thinking is shown.

5. Mama & mama’s friend and Harshi & her friend in a party. Tags:

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Incy Wincy Spider

This is my spider made of play dough. I made it by myself. Is it wonderful? Now let me tell about my spider.  OK, This will tell you how did I make. I took different colours of play dough. I took blue colour and made it a circle for the body. I took purple colour and I made this shape in cylinder for the legs.  Then I took green colour and I made it two circles and one cylinder for the eyes and for the net. Then I again took blue colour, I rolled it in cylinder shape for the antennas. That’s how I made it.

This is my rhyme of Incy Wincy Spider. Let me sing it. Click on the arrow to listen it.

You cannot see me because of privacy reasons. You should not put your photos on your blog because then everybody can know who is this.


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Diya (Earthen Lamp) Painting

These are my Diyas (earthen lamps). I painted them all by myself. I made lot of different things. Also the next one. I decorated them with paint. I love painting and that’s what I like. I painted them for Diwali (the Indian festival of lights) because we need lights at Diwali. Now this means, let me show you the next one.

Oh, this is because I like painting. So I will tell you about the earthen lamps. These earthen lamps are made for the Indian festival of lights called Diwali or Deepawali. Deep means Diya (earthen lamp) and Wali means chain. So Deepawali means the chain of lighted earthen lamps.

So enjoy this beautiful painting on Diyas.

For parents: If we involve kids in different activities like preparation for festivals then they will get more enthusiastic about these as also will appreciate the effort going into the preparation. This will increase their enjoyment.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tower Tale – Step – 2

This is my tower tale. This tower tale is a good tower tale. Do you want to hear it? I think so, you do.. Let me tell you. One tower, I am telling about. How to make the tower. You need some blocks. You to build them properly like I did. Behind the towers is my Tent. The tent look nice, do you like it. I see it beautiful. Do you see it beautiful too. These towers need two types of blocks because we have to make two types of tower. In these two towers, do you see any difference. I don’t see any difference.

Step 2’s tale’s name is “Tallest Tower”.

One time there was one tower. The tower was realllyyy beautifulllll tower. Everyone liked it so much because it was decorated. Everyone likes decoration. They thought of making a tower. When the tower finished, it came beautiful. They put it both of the tower together and gift wrapped it. They gave it to their friends at their friend’s birthday. He like the present and he told them he loved it. Story finished.

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Eye Ear Boat (eeBoat)

 This is my Eye Ear Boat (eeBoat). I love my eeBoat as it is so beautiful. I never love to take something which can move on the paper like pencil and eraser. I never like taking a paper and just scribbling on it and putting it for my blog because scribbling looks so bad. If any one sees that scribbling, they will not like it and they will send it all back. That’s why I never want to scribble on my blog.

This eeBoat is the wonderful boat all in the sea. It is the best sailing boat having eye and ear. Eye is blue and Ear is ora Now it can see and hear as see-soo with its eye and ear. Now because it can see and hear, it can move without bumping anywhere and that’s why it did not have any scratch. That’s why it is most beautiful boat in that sea.

For Parents: See how kids can imagine different things and mix & match them. This kid thinks that a boat get hit because it is not having eyes and ears like her so she made her boat with eye and ear. This is what is called innovation and out-of-box thinking

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

My Beauty Land

 This is my Beauty Lands. I made it by myself. Its in my room. All about this is something. Let me tell you. In this beauty land, the one in green colour is the handle of one slide fixed tool. The oranges brown is one is the place where the tool is fixed. The tool is reddish square one. The brownish and yellowish one is the stand. The handle is fixed in pink thing and the thing is flat from down. That’s why it is standing. In my beauty land, I see one small feather. The feather is blue in colour. That feather is up on from fixing tool place.  This is beauty land is for my tools. It is called beauty land because these tools sprinkle beauty all over.

Will you guess which one is the feather?

For parents: Kids some time draw or make something totally different. Instead of trying to fit that in your perspective better ask them to explain what they have drawn. This way they will be able to express their thoughts in words as also will be able to correlate things in right way.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

My friend Sisi VD

This is my Sisi. She is really good. She does all her homework and she is so good. I love her a lot because she does everything I say. That is what is the goodness of her. I know all about her because she always tells me whatever she does or when she goes out. That’s why I love her. Sisi is from Sydney in Australia. In Australia, she loves doing swimming like I doo. That’s what is the thing that makes me happy. So goodness of her. Do you also have a teddy like Sisi?

Australia, climate over 30 years (1961–1990).

यह मेरा सीसी है। वह बहुत ही अच्छी है। वह अपना सारा गृहकार्य करती है और वह बहुत अच्छी है। मैं उसे बहुत ही प्यार करती हूँ क्योंकि वह वोसबकुछ करती है जो मैं उसे कहती हूँ। वह उसकी अच्छाई है। मैं उसके बारें में सबकुछ जानती हूँ क्योंकि वह मुझे वो सबकुछ बताती है जो वोकरती है या जहाँ पर भी वह जाती है। इसलिए मैं उसे प्यार करती हूँ। सीसी ऑस्ट्रेलिया में सिडनी से है। ऑस्ट्रेलिया में वह तैराकी करना पसंद करती है, बिल्कुल मेरी तरह। यही वो चीज है जो मुझे खुश करती है। उसकी जो अच्छाई है। आपके पास भी सीसी जैसा कोई teddy है?

Note to parents: Kids generally get attached to some toy very much. May times they use their toys as medium say something which they want to do but are afraid that elder will not approve. Also they sometime convey their fears using the toys. This way they feel that will not be ridiculed

Saturday, 19 September 2009

पैर की सफाई (Feet Cleaning - Pedicure)

पहले हम पानी लाते हैं मग भर के फिर ब्रश ले के दोनों टाइप के, उनको पानी में भिगो के फिर हम उनको पानी में भिगोने के बाद एडियों के नीचे वैसे रगड़ते हैं। फिर हम पूरे पैर पर रगड़ते हैं और फिर ऊपर भी थोड़ा बहुत पानी गिरते हैं। फिर दूसरे दिन हम अच्छे से साफ़ करते हैं ऊपर।

English Translation: First we bring the water in mug. Then both the brush type, soaked them in water. After soaking in water then we rub ankles and feet with them. Then we rub the entire leg and then put some water on that. Then next day we clean it up.

For Parents: Some of things to initiate kids in some of the activities where they can narrate what they are doing as also make them feel that they are doing something important and different.

Tower Tale


Isn’t my tower bigger then CN Tower of Toronto.

Tower of world. I like to build towers and beautiful models. Making big towers. I love to make and build towers of blocks. I really do love to make really big-big towers.  Once setting the free standing, land record fo...

For parents: Tower making enhance hand and eyes coordination of kids. This also make them understand priniciple of gravity. They get to know how to make thing stand high.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dream World

dream I dreamed today that Dora and I went to purchase some toffees. We have to go very far away as there were no shops nearby. After lot of adventures, we reached this small scanty shop. This shopkeeper was looking so menacing. We asked for some toffees. He took our money and gave us some so called toffees and to our surprise that there were no toffees in that. These were only wrappers. We showed him and we were so angry that he is trying to fool us. Once we said convincingly then he understood that he cannot make us fool and cannot give us wrappers. Then we took our money back and he let us go. We went to next shop and give the money to that lovely shopkeeper then he gave us so many toffees. We went home and ate them happily for ever and ever.

For parents: Talking about dreams is another way to extract imagination from kids. This a very nice way of remembering things as also a way to let out their feeling which in normal course they may not like to associate with them. For example if a kid want to eat sweets but a normal quorum in house is not to eat too much sweets then kid will not speak about her passion. However she can always talk about it saying she got this dream.

Good Hand letters

GoodHandLetters  I do not like to write all those alphabets which my mom keep on insisting to write. I want to draw, I want to paint. Then but my mom says you need to learn alphabets to be called educated. So what I do I do. Let me do some experiment. Let me combine my writing with my drawing and have fun in both way.

Note to parents: One of the mind stimulating exercise which can be given to the kids. Some of the kids are more tilted towards drawing. It is little bit of struggle to get them to learn alphabets or make them write alphabet. This exercise of combining alphabet writing with drawing makes it interesting for these artistic kids.

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

My imaginary play area Tags:

Harshi's Drawing

Drawing of a play area near a temple. Drawn by 4 year old girl.

Tickling imagination of the kids is best way to not only ensure their growth but also keep them interested. However precaution need to be taken how much interference to be there of parents. If you get too much involved in imagination of kid then it will loose the meaning. At the same time if you do not give that initial push then kid can feel lost. So appropriate initial push and then little bit direction here and there when kid is stuck appears to be better way.

Matching Card game

(Game devised by our little girl – Harshi) Tags:

First there should be two kids. Then there should be 5 cards. Each kid take two cards each. There will be one card left. That card we will put in the centre. We have to see whose cards will be the same. If not card is similar then we will need more cards. Whoever got a similar card as centre card will get a prize.

Notes to parents: Kids have a tendency of get bored very quickly by pre-defined games. They like it first time but may not show same interest next time. So what to do. Why not devise games along with them. To start with you need to come out with different games using anything and everything. Then slowly pass on the task to kids. They love to create their own games. Care need to be taken that these may be very incoherent or totally absurd but we need to encourage them and play the games they devised. Rule of the game should be exactly what they say..

One day in the forest Tags:

(Story narrated by our little girl – Harshi)

One time there was a small baby deer. That time the baby deer born. Then her  dad was not there. Then the baby deer had no father and she did not like her mother. But then I went in my well and found little bit things and then suddenly I was surprised because I found a little baby boy in the well trying to swim out. There I took him through a secret way out and when he grown big then I said I found one baby deer when the baby deer grown big, he was a male deer. Then I took it to baby deer’s dad.

Notes to parents: Story is the oldest and appears to be a great way of teaching. Kids loves stories. This can be made more interesting by allowing them to narrate their own stories. You will surprised to see their imagination. They can collate different information they know and create a coordinated word flows. It may not be a great sequential effort but teach them a lot and off course us too.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Kid’s Ken

Ken is “Cognizance; view; especially, reach of sight or knowledge”. So this site Kid’s Ken ( is effort to bring out knowledge which mothers have gained while raising their kids.

We have a small lovely girl - Harshi whom we are raising based on the knowledge that we have gained from multiple resources – Our parents, friends, books, websites and so much more. So we thought why not collate all that information at one place so that other parents can utilize the same.

Let us know how successful we are.