Tuesday 6 October 2009

Eye Ear Boat (eeBoat)

 This is my Eye Ear Boat (eeBoat). I love my eeBoat as it is so beautiful. I never love to take something which can move on the paper like pencil and eraser. I never like taking a paper and just scribbling on it and putting it for my blog because scribbling looks so bad. If any one sees that scribbling, they will not like it and they will send it all back. That’s why I never want to scribble on my blog.

This eeBoat is the wonderful boat all in the sea. It is the best sailing boat having eye and ear. Eye is blue and Ear is ora Now it can see and hear as see-soo with its eye and ear. Now because it can see and hear, it can move without bumping anywhere and that’s why it did not have any scratch. That’s why it is most beautiful boat in that sea.

For Parents: See how kids can imagine different things and mix & match them. This kid thinks that a boat get hit because it is not having eyes and ears like her so she made her boat with eye and ear. This is what is called innovation and out-of-box thinking

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