Sunday 13 September 2009

One day in the forest Tags:

(Story narrated by our little girl – Harshi)

One time there was a small baby deer. That time the baby deer born. Then her  dad was not there. Then the baby deer had no father and she did not like her mother. But then I went in my well and found little bit things and then suddenly I was surprised because I found a little baby boy in the well trying to swim out. There I took him through a secret way out and when he grown big then I said I found one baby deer when the baby deer grown big, he was a male deer. Then I took it to baby deer’s dad.

Notes to parents: Story is the oldest and appears to be a great way of teaching. Kids loves stories. This can be made more interesting by allowing them to narrate their own stories. You will surprised to see their imagination. They can collate different information they know and create a coordinated word flows. It may not be a great sequential effort but teach them a lot and off course us too.


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