Saturday, 5 September 2015

How to write a Diamante poem

‘Diamante’ poem literally means Diamond poem, as it is in the shape of a diamond. I first learnt how to write a Diamante poem on the website given here(diamante poem link).The steps are as follows:

noun 1

Two adjectives about noun1

Three -ing words about noun1

four nouns/short phrase linking the nouns

Three –ing words about noun 2

Two adjectives about noun 2

noun 2

Now you should have no problem understanding the diamante poem in the below post.

Diamante poem hot-cold

This is a diamante poem I made myself.Check the above post to find out how to write one.

summ        Hot

red, summery

boiling, stifling, searing

hot to warm to cool to cold

freezing, shivering, trembling

icy, wintery