Tuesday 6 October 2009

Tower Tale – Step – 2

This is my tower tale. This tower tale is a good tower tale. Do you want to hear it? I think so, you do.. Let me tell you. One tower, I am telling about. How to make the tower. You need some blocks. You to build them properly like I did. Behind the towers is my Tent. The tent look nice, do you like it. I see it beautiful. Do you see it beautiful too. These towers need two types of blocks because we have to make two types of tower. In these two towers, do you see any difference. I don’t see any difference.

Step 2’s tale’s name is “Tallest Tower”.

One time there was one tower. The tower was realllyyy beautifulllll tower. Everyone liked it so much because it was decorated. Everyone likes decoration. They thought of making a tower. When the tower finished, it came beautiful. They put it both of the tower together and gift wrapped it. They gave it to their friends at their friend’s birthday. He like the present and he told them he loved it. Story finished.

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