Saturday 21 November 2009

My Mehndi (Henna)


This is my mehndi (henna). I like my henna. It is also called mehndi. I always like mehndi when it is on my hand. This is my favourite thing too and what do you know about this. If you know or you do not know. If you know then it is fine else let me tell you. OK.

This is mehndi. We put this mehndi when there is festival and sometime we put this when it is Diwali (festival of light) and it always look nice. And do you know that I sometime can draw some mehndi patterns and I like making patterns and making designs, making drawings and this is my favourite job. I do this with all my own brain, with this big surprising thing, you have to be creative from now because it was just for telling you how to make things. Tags: ,,,kidsken


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