Sunday 13 September 2009

Matching Card game

(Game devised by our little girl – Harshi) Tags:

First there should be two kids. Then there should be 5 cards. Each kid take two cards each. There will be one card left. That card we will put in the centre. We have to see whose cards will be the same. If not card is similar then we will need more cards. Whoever got a similar card as centre card will get a prize.

Notes to parents: Kids have a tendency of get bored very quickly by pre-defined games. They like it first time but may not show same interest next time. So what to do. Why not devise games along with them. To start with you need to come out with different games using anything and everything. Then slowly pass on the task to kids. They love to create their own games. Care need to be taken that these may be very incoherent or totally absurd but we need to encourage them and play the games they devised. Rule of the game should be exactly what they say..


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