Wednesday 30 September 2009

My Beauty Land

 This is my Beauty Lands. I made it by myself. Its in my room. All about this is something. Let me tell you. In this beauty land, the one in green colour is the handle of one slide fixed tool. The oranges brown is one is the place where the tool is fixed. The tool is reddish square one. The brownish and yellowish one is the stand. The handle is fixed in pink thing and the thing is flat from down. That’s why it is standing. In my beauty land, I see one small feather. The feather is blue in colour. That feather is up on from fixing tool place.  This is beauty land is for my tools. It is called beauty land because these tools sprinkle beauty all over.

Will you guess which one is the feather?

For parents: Kids some time draw or make something totally different. Instead of trying to fit that in your perspective better ask them to explain what they have drawn. This way they will be able to express their thoughts in words as also will be able to correlate things in right way.


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