Sunday 18 October 2009

Incy Wincy Spider

This is my spider made of play dough. I made it by myself. Is it wonderful? Now let me tell about my spider.  OK, This will tell you how did I make. I took different colours of play dough. I took blue colour and made it a circle for the body. I took purple colour and I made this shape in cylinder for the legs.  Then I took green colour and I made it two circles and one cylinder for the eyes and for the net. Then I again took blue colour, I rolled it in cylinder shape for the antennas. That’s how I made it.

This is my rhyme of Incy Wincy Spider. Let me sing it. Click on the arrow to listen it.

You cannot see me because of privacy reasons. You should not put your photos on your blog because then everybody can know who is this.


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