Tuesday 15 September 2009

Dream World

dream I dreamed today that Dora and I went to purchase some toffees. We have to go very far away as there were no shops nearby. After lot of adventures, we reached this small scanty shop. This shopkeeper was looking so menacing. We asked for some toffees. He took our money and gave us some so called toffees and to our surprise that there were no toffees in that. These were only wrappers. We showed him and we were so angry that he is trying to fool us. Once we said convincingly then he understood that he cannot make us fool and cannot give us wrappers. Then we took our money back and he let us go. We went to next shop and give the money to that lovely shopkeeper then he gave us so many toffees. We went home and ate them happily for ever and ever.

For parents: Talking about dreams is another way to extract imagination from kids. This a very nice way of remembering things as also a way to let out their feeling which in normal course they may not like to associate with them. For example if a kid want to eat sweets but a normal quorum in house is not to eat too much sweets then kid will not speak about her passion. However she can always talk about it saying she got this dream.


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